Static Caravans

Here at 1-RV we also sell a variety of RVs that can be used as static caravans. With body lengths of up to 11.5 metres, these caravans are ideal for anyone looking to get their hands on a movable holiday home. Although these caravans are designed to remain in one place for a prolonged period, they have the added flexibility that they can be easily relocated to another site.


Top quality static caravans for sale

We supply a range of static caravans for sale, which are purchased to order. These brand new, slick caravans are sourced direct from manufacturer, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting your hands on a model that’s in perfect condition. All static caravans we sell come from Keystone RV in Goshen, Indiana, meaning you really are getting an authentic RV from the States. The static caravans we sell have been carefully selected due to their suitability to the UK climate, and the high build quality that this manufacturer provides.

To view differing layouts and lengths of Static Caravans for sale, click here.

The static caravans that we sell come with 3ft slide out rooms, which create extra living space. The numbers of slides can vary from one to three, so you can opt for the design that best suits your needs. When it comes to floor space, the floor plans of our caravans range from 24ft/7m to 38ft/11.58m in length - including the A-frame. Because they are being purchased from across the Atlantic, there is usually a 16-week period for delivery. On arrival in the UK the caravans are fully converted by qualified technicians for UK compliance, so they are perfect for their intended use.


Delivery, Set-up, Relocation and Site Selection Services available

Here at 1-RV we offer a range of services to make the lives of our customers easier. 

We can deliver your new RV to your chosen destination. We take great care to ensure that the caravan remains in perfect condition during transit and can deliver to destinations across the UK and Europe. In the unlikely event that damage does occur our fully comprehensive insurance will cover you against any loss. On delivery of the caravan to your chosen destination, you’ll be required to sign a delivery note to confirm that the caravan has been delivered undamaged. On arrival at its destination we will wash the external surfaces of the caravan, with our mobile washing facilities, and this will ensure that when you take delivery it is in prestige condition.

We also help setting up your static caravan. This means that we can assist you in getting it correctly positioned on your pitch, helping with jacking, levelling, and connecting the caravan to waste disposal and a fresh water supply. For more information about our set-up assistance, give us a call today.

1-RV can also assist with relocating your caravan in the future. We offer this service at an affordable rate. All our RVs are towed and don’t require a low loader. This means we have more flexibility moving these models when compared to a traditional static caravan.

Site Selection
Our team has a wealth of expertise available to help you when it comes to choosing the site on which you want your static caravan placed. We can assist you in choosing a suitable holiday park in the UK or Europe, offering guidance on access, set-up and options when it comes to the provision of utility services. We can even liaise and negotiate with site owners on your behalf if needed. 

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