Universal Telescopic Frame Adapter

£155 excluding VAT


Our universal telescopic frame adapter is a non-invasive connection point to the frame of your trailer.

How does it work?

It simply bolts around the trailer frame with no need to drill, weld, or cut your trailer frame. Simply remove the ball mount, place the Parkit360 under the frame adapter, remove the locking pin and drop the heavy-duty post into the Parkit360 receiver, then insert the locking pin. Then raise the trailer jack and proceed moving your trailer with the Parkit360 mover.


Will this be strong enough for my trailer? Or will it easily bend under pressure?

Built with top quality parts, this item has impressed many of our toughest customers with its durability!   


Benefits of having it?

It is a quick and easy connection point from your trailer to the Parkit360. It's also great for when you need more tongue weight.


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