• Carrier ISC™ Trailer Dolly

    Fully Remote Controlled with no connection process necessary.

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    New improved Model to be released shortly.

    Run time 2.5 to 3 hours on continuous usage with single charge. 

    Suitable for almost every trailer type including industrial warehouse / storage usage. 

    Moves up to 5,900 KG subject to engagement of brake controller.

    Carrier ModelsCapacityMotor / BatteryControlPrice 
    (Excluding VAT & Delivery) 
    Carrier 13K-R5,900 kgDual 1.5 HP Bosch 12v DC Electric Motor
    2x Sealed Lead Batteries (35 AH)
    Wireless Remote Control£POA

    Includes 508mm ball mount adapter, thrust washer, 2x hitch balls, battery charger, brake controller and six 250mm wide heavy duty tyres as standard


    • About

      The All-New Carrier Trailer Dolly - Just Drop & Go!

      With our new Drop & Go hitch adapter, connecting to your trailer has never been easier! Just lower the trailer onto the dolly, lock the hitch and go - no tightening required! Get Intelligent Speed Control and Two Interstate® 12v U1 Sealed Batteries standard. Moves up to 5,900 kg with our Wireless Controller for Safe, Precise Parking!

      Drop & Go Hitch Adapter (457mm – 508mm)

      Max Capacity: 5,900 kg GVWR

      Hitch Weight: 590 kg

      Simply lower your trailer onto the adapter and go! For heavier Ball Mounted Trailers. This package includes:

      • 2 Hitch Balls: 50mm & 2 5/16"
      • Locking Pin with Clip

      Ball Mount Hitch Adapter (508mm)

      Max Capacity: 4,500 kg GVWR

      Hitch Weight: 450 kg

      This package includes:

      • 2 Custom Hitch Balls: 50mm & 2 5/16" (With Welds)
      • Thrust Washer & Tightening Bar
    • Overview


      Adapters Included508mm Ball Mount
      458mm - 508mm Drop & Go

      Maximum Weight Capacity5,900 kg GVWR
      590 kg Hitch

      Hitch Balls50mm & 2 5/16"
      Two BatteriesInterstate®12V U1 Sealed (70 AH)
      Wireless Controller

      Thrust Washer (Puzzle)

      Battery Charger

      Smart Brake Controller

      250mm Wide Tyres

    • Specification


      Intuitive Drop & Go Connection

      No tightening or external stabilization required! Lower the trailer hitch onto the adjustable height adapter and go! Move more trailer's faster with a higher ball mount capacity than our Force and Transformer Models.

      Lowest Profile to date, with room to spare!

      Measuring only 305mm at its highest point, the Carrier's frame can easily fit underneath many trailer hitches. Turn on a dime with ample clearance for a smooth, stress-free parking experience.

      Intelligent Speed Control™ (ISC)

      Switch between High and Low-Speed anytime for Fast or more Precise Parking. Motor Starts and Stops gradually to prevent damage to your trailer from sudden stopping. Switch modes with the New Wireless Controller!

      BATTERIES INCLUDED: Two pre-installed Interstate®12V U1 Sealed Batteries. Arrive fully charged and ready to move with up to 2 hours of runtime!

      WIRELESS CONTROLLER: Get precise parking from a distance! See exactly where the Trailer is at all times and steer within inches of any obstacle. Allows for 360 degree rotation.

      TWO 1.5 HP MOTORS: Custom 1.5 Hp Bosch Motor for the Ultimate Power and Performance.

      TWO FREEWHEEL KNOBS: Engages or Disengages Motor from Drive to Neutral to move the Dolly Without Power.

      VOLTMETER: Digital Voltmeter that measures and displays Power Level of Battery.

      CIRCUIT BREAKERS: Protects Motor and Smart Brake from power surges.

      BATTERY CHARGER: Battery Tender. Activates when the Dolly is plugged into a Wall Socket. Stops charging automatically when full.

      SMART BRAKE: 7-Way Power Plug that Controls the Trailer’s Electric or Surge Brakes.

      250mm WIDE TYRES: Six heavy-duty tyres provide plenty of traction on firm grass, packed gravel, asphalt, and on a maximum grade of 4%. The centre tyres sit slightly lower than the rest, giving this dolly the ability to scale small obstacles and garage thresholds with ease!



      1143mm L x 1067mm W x 305mm H - Approx. 159 kgs (With Batteries Installed)

      RUN-TIME: 1.5 - 2 hrs (Depending on Amp Draw)


      BALL MOUNT HEIGHTS: Standard 508mm from Ground to Top of Ball Mount

      DROP & GO ADAPTER HEIGHTS: Adjustable 457mm – 508mm from Ground to Top of Ball Mount

      HITCH BALL SIZES: Each Carrier Adapter includes a custom 50mm and 2 5/16" ball


      Reinforced Cardboard Box, Packaged on Pallet:

      1400mm L x 1070mm W x 560mm H - Approx. 182 kg

      (Prices Subject to Change) 

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