Transformer ISC™ Trailer Dolly

Ultimate Wireless Controlled Powerhouse for Safe Precise Parking. 

Suitable for moving both Standard Trailers and Fifth Wheels. 

Moves up to 6,800 KG subject to engagement of brake controller.

CapacityMotor / BatteryControlPrice
(Excluding VAT & Delivery)  
Transformer ISC 15K-BF
Ball Mount & Fifth Wheel Adaptor,
inclusive of Ball Mount, Kingpin Adaptor and set of Universal Stabilizing Bars
Up to 6,800 kgDual 1.7 HP Bosch 12v DC Electric Motor
2x U1 Batteries
Wireless Remote Control£4,865


  • Note: Boxed Part may vary depending on package ordered.

  • About

    The Ultimate Parking Powerhouse 

    Intelligent Speed Control and Two 12V U1 Interstate® Batteries. 

    Moves up to 6,800 KG subject to engagement of brake controller, with New Wireless Controller for Safe and Precise Parking!

    508mm Ball Mount Adaptor

    • Max Capacity: 4,500 Kg GVWR
    • Hitch Weight: 450 Kg
    • 2 Hitch Balls
    • European Thrust washer
    • Tightening Bar
    • Stabilizing Rachet Straps
    • 1 Spacer Plate

    1270mm Fifth Wheel Kingpin Adaptor

    • Max Capacity: 6,800 Kg GVWR
    • Hitch Weight: 1,360 Kg
    • Kingpin Adapter
    • U Locking Pin with D-Clip
    • Set of Universal Stabilizer Bars including:

          - KINGPIN BOX Connection: For Trailers with a hydraulic (Automatic) system.

          - LANDING LEG Connection: For Trailers that have regular, non-hydraulic landing legs with peg holes. 

    Transformer Manual 2023 v4.2

  • Overview


    Standard Trailer Adaptor505mm Ball Mount
    Fifth Wheel Adaptor1270mm Kingpin
    Maximum Gross Weight (Ball Mount / Fifth Wheel)4,500Kg / 6,800 Kg
    Maximum Hitch Weight (Ball Mount / Fifth Wheel)450Kg / 1,360 Kg
    Hitch Balls50mm & 2 5/16"
    European Thrust Washer
    Stabilizer MethodUniversal Stabilizer Bars:
    Kingpin Box or Landing Leg Connection
    165mm Tyres
    Wireless Controller
    Battery Charger
    Smart Brake Controller
    Two U1 Sealed Batteries 
  • Specification


    Intelligent Speed Control™ (ISC)

    Switch between High and Low-Speed anytime for Fast or more Precise Parking. Motor Starts and Stops gradually to prevent damage to your trailer from sudden stopping. Switch modes with the New Wireless Controller!

    BATTERIES INCLUDED: Two pre-installed Interstate®12V U1 Sealed Batteries. Arrive fully charged and ready to move!

    NEW WIRELESS CONTROLLER: Mount on the Dolly's Handle or use Wirelessly! See exactly where the Trailer is at all times and steer within inches of any obstacle.

    Two 1.7 HP MOTORS: Custom 1.7 HP Bosch Motor for the Ultimate Power and Performance.

    Two FREEWHEEL KNOBS: Engages or Disengages Motor from Drive to Neutral to move the Dolly Without Power.

    VOLTMETER: Digital Volt Meter that measures and displays Power Level of Battery.

    CIRCUIT BREAKERS: Protects Motor and Smart Brake from power surges.

    BATTERY CHARGER: Battery Tender. Activates when the Dolly is plugged into a Wall Socket. Stops charging automatically when full.

    SMART BRAKE: 7-Way Power Plug that Controls the Trailer’s Electric or Surge Brakes.

    165mm WIDE TYRES: Provide plenty of traction on firm grass, packed gravel, asphalt, and on a maximum grade of 4%.



    Footprint: 1,092mm L x 750mm W 

    Receiver Tube Height: 394mm from Ground

    RUN-TIME: 1.5 - 2 hrs (Depending on Amp Draw)


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