• Parkit 360 Product News

    • September 2021 - Moving your boat trailer can be a pain. And I mean that literally. You’ve likely experienced pain and fatigue after pulling your boat up your driveway, manoeuvring it into the garage, or trying to get it into your yard.
    • March 2021 - As a trailer dolly manufacturer, we regularly receive comments from people asking, “Why don’t you just learn to back up a truck? ”While we understand that a trailer dolly is a tool that some people won’t want to use or don’t see a need for, we believe that there are many good reasons to invest in one (even if you’re the best at backing up trailers).
    • November 2020 - Choosing a trailer dolly based on great reviews is not enough if the product can't do what you need it to. As with any big purchase, understanding a new market and finding a high-quality product that you can rely on can be daunting.
    • July 2020 - Have you ever tried to back your trailer into your garage? If so, you surely know the near-endless cycle of backing in, getting it wrong or bumping into a wall, and finally driving forward – rinsed and repeated for longer than we would sometimes like to admit.
    • June 2020 - While we’re primarily known for moving RV trailers and boats, our wide range of adapters allows us to park almost anything! Coming up on our 11th anniversary, we’ve seen a variety of use cases for our trailer dollies over the years. With 14,000 happy customers and counting, they continue to inspire us to develop new parking solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.
    • June 2019 - Having trouble parking your trailer into a tight spot? Parkit360’s Motorized Electric Trailer Dollies are perfect for storing caravans, boat trailers, car trailers, travel trailers, horse boxes and other industrial trailers.

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