What is an Electric Trailer Dolly?

Have you ever tried to back your trailer into your garage?

 If so, you surely know the near-endless cycle of backing in, getting it wrong or bumping into a wall, and finally driving forward – rinsed and repeated for longer than we would sometimes like to admit. But what if I told you that you could back your trailer in on the very first try? Enter the electric trailer dolly. Electric trailer dollies are the perfect tool for anyone with a trailer, making difficult parking trailers a thing of the past. But beyond helping back up a trailer, electric trailer dollies can help caravan, boat, or RV owners in many other ways. Here are four reasons thousands are choosing these products as parking aids. 

Fitting your trailer into a tight spot.
Anyone who’s come back from a long trip and tried to fit their boat into a garage or backyard will understand the serious need for some parking help. All you want to do is relax after your camping adventure, but first, you have to fit your heavy-duty trailer into its tiny little resting place in your garage. This process can be taxing, to say the least. The traditional way of having a spotter send signals or yell at the driver is simply inefficient – no matter how good the driver/spotter team may be. Even the most experienced will take at least a few tries before they get their trailer parked. With an electric trailer dolly, you can fit your trailer into its parking spot on the first try! And that’s not all: Many people think electric trailer dollies are just for parking and backing up when they can’t seem to do it with a truck, but they can also help people put trailers in places that are actually impossible to do with a standard truck and trailer. Find the perfect little corner to set your trailer down and marvel at the amount of free space you have! Additionally, using a trailer dolly is also a good way to keep your caravan, boat, RV, or trailer looking fresh. Your chances of accidentally hitting walls, curbs, or other obstacles are much lower because of increased control using the dolly.

Saving money on storage.
Beyond helping with the taxing parking process, electric trailer dollies can also greatly decrease expensive costs related to storage. Storage fees can sometimes reach thousands of dollars per year – certainly not something you budgeted for when thinking about purchasing your brand-new boat. But many people who pay for storage only thing they don’t have room to park a trailer. Because electric trailer dollies allow you to fit your trailer nearly anywhere, expensive storage fees are a thing of the past. Instead, you can keep your trailer or boat in or near your own home, not only saving money but also being highly convenient for you as you can take it out and about anytime you want. For example, what if spring comes early and you decide to take your boat out to the lake. If it’s stuck in storage, you’re not able to access it immediately, costing you an extra trip to go retrieve it.

Use as an anti-theft mechanism
Caravan, Boats, and RVs are highly valuable commodities, and their protection is paramount. So where do electric trailer dollies fit in here? Because they allow you to pull your trailer in tongue-first, they act as an anti-theft device, making it hard for potential thieves to make a quick getaway. Because it’s facing the house, someone can't just come and hook up their truck to it and drive away. Of course, don’t rely solely on this as a safety measure – it should be viewed as an additional rather than an end-all solution. Depending on your own specific scenario, other safety measures are recommended.

The last benefit is perhaps the most important: durability. No one likes making a sizable investment only for it to deteriorate shortly after. Luckily, electric trailer dollies are very durable and tend to last a long time before needing replacement. High-quality dollies, which of course cost a bit more, are worth it because they will go longer before needing replacement. In terms of cost, lower-end manual dollies can cost anywhere from £5 to £400, while premium solutions will put you back £600 to £5,000. However, as with anything, you need to take care of it, lest it starts to wear down. Make sure to lubricate it regularly to make sure it stays fresh. If you fail to do so, you may need to repair it. Time and effort are key to longevity. Electric trailer dollies offer a simple solution to the boat, RV, and other trailer owners everywhere. If you’re still parking your trailer by traditional means, maybe it’s time to invest in an electric trailer dolly – it’s the best way to get smart about trailer usage and storage in 2022.