Park Smarter, Not Harder

As a trailer dolly manufacturer, we regularly receive comments from people asking, “Why don’t you just learn to back up a truck? ”While we understand that a trailer dolly is a tool that some people won’t want to use or don’t see a need for, we believe that there are many good reasons to invest in one (even if you’re the best at backing up trailers). That is why we wholeheartedly say, “No, trailer dollies are not just for people who can’t back up a trailer properly. ”In fact, those who park their trailers using a dolly might actually be parking smarter

Why would someone get a trailer dolly, then?
As long as you know what you’re doing, backing up a trailer works just fine. But there are things that a trailer dolly can do that a truck simply can’t.
1. Parking with a trailer dolly is easier. 

Whether you’re the kind of driver who gets out every three seconds to do a full reconnaissance or an expert backer-upper, parking with a trailer dolly can save you a lot of time and stress. Even veterans of trailer parking can be bested by impossible spots. This video is a great example of the kind of situation we’re talking about. There is no way you could back that trailer in using a truck without taking out a wall. (But if you’d like to prove us wrong, you’re welcome to try it.)
2. You can create your own security measures.

 Think about that impossible parking spot. Now imagine what would happen if someone attempted to steal your trailer from that spot. It wouldn’t work, would it? When you park a trailer or boat using a dolly, you can make your own anti-theft system. If you live in a high-crime area, this is actually a regular usage of trailer dollies. You might be “the guy who didn’t need a trailer dolly,” but you might also end up as “the guy whose camping trip just got cancelled'.
3. Avoid annoying accidents. 

Almost 20% of accidents are parking-related. And, while you might be great at parking, you can’t guarantee that everyone around you (and your trailer) is too. Some people choose to invest in a trailer dolly as a means of getting their trailer off the street and stored safely out of harm’s way.
4. No more arguments with your spotter. 

When you park your trailer using a trailer dolly, there is no need for yelling and arguing as you try to communicate with your spotter. If you have a trailer, then you can probably recall at least one incident in which someone insisted on helping you back up, even though you assured them that you had everything under control. You’ve probably heard the panicked yells of a spotter who was afraid that you were about to hit something (even though you knew you were fine). Maybe you’ve dealt with someone who repeatedly told you to “keep going” until you heard the unmistakable sound of the trailer hitting your eaves trough. Our customers often tell us that the tension and conflict caused by backing up a trailer was no longer an issue once they started using a trailer dolly. That’s because, with a dolly, you don’t need a spotter. Dollies don’t just make parking easier. They also make coming home from a trip easier. Isn’t that something we all want?

Trailer dollies make parking better for everyone
It’s time to stop making excuses about why other people might need a trailer dolly but you certainly don’t. There are lots of good reasons to get a trailer dolly aside from your parking skills. All kidding aside, you may not choose to invest in a trailer dolly for yourself, and that’s fine. We just want to defend the integrity of our customers by saying: park smarter, not harder.