Time to Grease your Dolly!

Autumn Maintenance Reminder.

Sadly, the summer season has come to a close. We hope you had a great and active summer with friends and family!

As we head into the colder months, please remember to:

See our Quick Guides for each dolly below:

Transformer 15K

Quarterly, or as needed:

  • Grease the fittings on the outside of each wheel.
  • Remove the chain cover. Grease both flange bearing fittings.

Force 5K/10K

Annually, or as needed:

  • Lubricate the chain with chain lube.
  • We recommend using Liquid Wrench: Chain & Cable Lube.

(Optional: apply grease to both axle fittings, if required.)

 All Dollies

Annually, or as needed:

  • Grease the Receiver Tube and the Hitch Ball threads with all-purpose grease.

Pro Tips

  • Use a Grease Gun with a flexible hose for easier application in tight spaces.
  • Tubes of All-Purpose Grease can be purchased at your local automotive or hardware store.
  • Apply grease to each fitting until grease starts seeping out. Check the areas around the fitting and axle, and wipe off any excess.

Refer to Instruction Manual for further guidance.

If you have any questions? Simply call us.

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